• Switch between template engines: Select the way you like to parse your html files,
    switchable via one-line configuration, read more
  • Typescript: Auto-compile & Watch your client side code via the typescript plugin
  • Online IDE: Edit & Compile your client side code when you are not home via the editor plugin
  • Iris Online Control:
    Web-based interface to control the basics functionalities of your server via the iriscontrol plugin.
    (Note that Iris control is still young).
  • Subdomains: Easy way to express your api via custom and dynamic subdomains*
  • Named Path Parameters: Probably you already know what this means. If not, It's easy to learn about
  • Custom HTTP Errors: Define your own html templates or plain messages when http errors occur*
  • Internationalization: i18n
  • Bindings: Need a fast way to convert data from body or form into an object? Take a look here

  • Middleware: Create and/or use global or per route middleware with Iris' simplicity*

  • Sessions: Sessions provide a secure way to authenticate your clients\/users *
  • Realtime: Realtime is fun when you use websockets*
  • Context: Context is used for storing route params, manages the handler(s) execution,
    sharing variables between middleware, render rich content, send files, start a transaction, over 30 http helpers and much more*
  • Plugins: You can inject your own plugins into the Iris framework*
  • REST API: All HTTP methods are supported*
  • Party: Group routes when sharing the same resources or middleware. You can organise a party with domains too! *
  • Transport Layer Security: Provide privacy, authenticity and data integrity between your server and the client and you can listen using one-line letsencrypt.org TLS*
  • Multi server instances: Not only does Iris have a default main server, =you can declare as many as you need*
  • Zero configuration: No need to configure anything for typical usage.
    Well-structured default configurations everywhere, which you can change with ease.
  • Zero allocations: Iris generates zero garbage
  • Auto updater: You're able to turn on the version checker & updater in case you forget to update your iris
  • Transactions: Split your handler's logic into multiple scopes.

Iris is one of the most featured web frameworks out there, not all features are here and don't expect from me to write down all of their usages in this gitbook, if you see that I'm missing something please make a PR to the gitbook repository!

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