Handlers, as the name implies, handle requests.
Each of the handler registration methods described in the following subchapters returns a RouteNameFunc type.

Handlers must implement the Handler interface:

type Handler interface {

// HandlerFunc implements the Handler, it's like the http.Handler and http.HandlerFunc you used to use.
type HandlerFunc func(*Context)

// convert helpers:

// Converts an http.Handler/HandlerFunc/func(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) to an iris Handler, this way you can use third-party handlers.
ToHandler(maybeHttpHandler interface{}) iris.HandlerFunc

// Converts an iris Handler to a native http.Handler, this way you can use your iris' handler to integrate with other http servers you may need somewhere.
ToNativeHandler(h iris.Handler) http.Handler

Once the handler is registered, we can use the returned RouteNameFunc type (which is actually just a func type) to give a name to the handler registration for easier lookup in code or in templates. For more information, checkout the Routing and reverse lookups section.

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